Thursday, July 26, 2007

I bought a pen today

Eric & Grover
Originally uploaded by daveterry.

Eric & Grover
Originally uploaded by daveterry.

I bought a new pen today. Set me back three dollars and eleven cents! That’s crazy. I could have bought a box of Bics for that but I’m still looking for the perfect pen. It’s a lifetime journey.

There are all kinds of good pens out there but like so many other things in life, great ones are few. I should know I have a drawer full of good pens not great ones. I don’t spend too much on them individually but certainly if I added them all up I could have paid off my mortgage by now.

So here is my list of the perfect sketching/writing/journal pen:

Black: It must absolutely lay down a jet black line. A black line is a beautiful thing.

Waterproof: It’s got to accept highlighters and watercolor over the top of the line. Otherwise the resulting smear is just a mess.

Fine: It must be an extra fine pen, at least 0.5 or less. Keep in mind that I like to sketch in a small Moleskin. That means that a fine point is absolutely necessary. Your mileage may vary.

Heft: It’s got to have some heft to it. If it’s the size of a toothpick, I’ll lose it or can’t hold on to it. I hate pens that rattle. Micros rattle. They drive me nuts.

Caps: I don’t really like capped pens. I just want to click and go. I don’t want to have to cap and uncap the pen. It’s just an extra step and a big distraction while driving. However, if it does have a cap it better not fall off easily. Otherwise the whole thing falls into the trash. The capped pens inherently have felt tipped points that dry out if left uncapped.

Archival: It shouldn’t eat my paper. Who knows, in the next century, someone may want to read my incredible musings.

No fading: I did a drawing of Eric with a pen that eventually faded. Within a year the paper around the lines yellowed and the lines turned gray. Only a photocopy of the drawing saved it from eventual destruction.

No skipping: I only tolerate skipping in children, NOT in my pens. If it hesitates to write or draw, it goes into the trash bin. I take no prisoners.

And so I continue to search for the best pen. After that I'll search for the best paper. It'll take a lifetime.

“I bought a seven dollar pen because I always lose pens and I got sick of not caring.” - Mitch Hedberg quotes (American Comedian, 1968-2005)

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