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Maggiano's @ Cumberland

I've been wanting to do this for sometime but was never brave enough. So I went to the parking lot and drew during lunch. People were coming and people were going. Some walked right by the car but didn't bother me at all. Surprising.

This was the fastest sketch I've done to date. Just about 15 minutes or so is all it took. Didn't spend enough time but wanted to just capture the quaintness of the "Little Italy" Maggiano's.

Funny thing is, I've never eaten there!

I eat little bag lunches from home and spend the extra time sketching instead.

Go figure.

Now all I need is a cup of coffee.

Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin! ~ Anon


2 Responses to “Maggiano's @ Cumberland”

  1. # Anonymous Krista Meister

    Hi Dave, I found your blog when you visited my Flickr site (the bundt cake). Love your sketches and stories that go with it. I think you did a phenomenal job on this one in only 15 minutes.  

  2. # Blogger dave terry

    Thanks so much. Sketch on!

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