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Hudson Grill

Hudson Grill
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After sketching in Alpharetta we found this nearby sports grill. It was a typical sports grill with sensory overload. There were 12 flatscreens showing various sports channels. We ignored them and sketched the tables.

It was a good thing we were early. There were lots of folks at the bar whooping it up, but it was still too early for the dinner crowd. So we had the dining room virtually to ourselves. Finally a quiet place to eat a meal and sketch.

I'm really not "into sports." Don't have a clue who's playing or where. I really wish I did have a clue so I could talk intelligently to all the sports heads at work. When they come into the office and go off with: "Go Dawgs!"

I stare blankly.

If you even dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologize! - Muhammad Ali

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2 Responses to “Hudson Grill”

  1. # Blogger redcatbiker

    One of the blogs that I read, Notebook Stories, linked to your blog today--that is how I found you.

    I like the feel of your blog: calm and embracing beauty. I think I shall subscribe to it.

    The Ali quote you included with this post is a good one...very funny.  

  2. # Blogger dave terry

    Thanks redcatbiker. Glad to have you aboard. Sometimes it's funny. I don't necessarily try to be. It's just life.

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